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Water Purification

water purification systemsLike most people, you probably get your tap water from a government municipality or your own well.

The blunt truth is that many municipal water systems simply weren’t built to handle the influx of modern-day CONTAMINANTS. These agencies also can’t or aren’t forced to invest in costly technology to keep your water as clean and pure as possible!

If your water comes from underground wells and aquifers, a host of pollutants such as dissolved and suspended solids, pesticides, herbicides, toxic waste from landfills, chemical and oil spills, acid rain and more may find their way into your water supply.

If your water comes from reservoirs – it’s often loaded with organic solids, particulates, ground run-off contaminants such as farm waste, pesticides and even acid rain.

To control the growth of bacteria and fungus in water, government water systems put chlorine, bromine or chloramines into your water. These chemicals kill bacteria because chlorine is a toxic substance. Chlorine has not only a disagreeable odor, but in larger doses is poisonous to humans. Some municipal water systems add forms of fluoride – another toxic chemical to the drinking water supply. Fluoride is a known neurotoxin that can damage your brain. It’s also been linked to cancer.

reverse osmosis system for home or businessAfter such “treatment” with chlorine and fluoride – municipal water then heads to your home. When it is distributed, it may pass through unsafe water lines that re-contaminate the water before you use it.

If you ask your plumber to examine your water pipes – you’ll be shocked to discover the insides of some of these pipes may be caked with mineral, biological and chemical deposits. In some cases the pipes themselves may leach copper and lead into the water.

The truth is that drinking a little bit of contaminated water probably won’t immediately hurt you – and your body may not show any noticeable reaction. But that’s where the real danger comes: you don’t know that your home tap water may be slowly poisoning you.

Consider that over the course of your life, you will drink approximately 13,000 gallons of water. If that water is indeed contaminated – the cumulative affect on your health will be extremely dangerous.

An easy way to eliminate this risk for your family is to invest in a water purifier mindset.

How to Buy a Water Purifier

Radiation Filtration Methods

There are different methods for filtering radioactive isotopes and particles.

The known effective methods for Iodine-131 and Iodine-133 is by Reverse Osmosis and GAC. Cesium-137 and Uranium are filtered by Reverse Osmosis.

Since our reverse osmosis units include GAC filters and many other stages they are the most effective units on the market for this application.

We have reverse osmosis systems designed for under your sink as well as a countertop option:

2 Stage Water Purifier and RO FILTRATION

3 Stage Water Purifier & Filtration system

STEP 1: Determine if water is MUNICIPAL WATER or WELL WATER.

STEP 2: Determine if you want to purify with a WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTER or a POINT OF USE WATER FILTER for your particular needs.

MUNICIPAL WATER is usually clear and free of bacteria and other microbials because of the chlorine treatment. The first stage of any municipal WATER PURIFER is to remove any sediments through a 1, 5, or 10-micron particle filter. Stage 2 is chlorine and halogenated metals removal using a CARBON filter. There is a wide variety for COUNTERTOP, UNDERCOUNTER or WHOLE HOUSE filters. Stage 3 for further reductions of metals and heavy organic or inorganic chemicals requires use of GAC FILTER- Granular Activated Carbon and/or KDF MIXED CHEMICAL filter. The most aggressive purification system combines these filters with a reverse osmosis system – RO FILTRATION.

WELL WATER must be tested for bacteria and chemicals to know what type of water and contaminants are present. The first stage of any WELL WATER PURIFER is to remove the sediments through 50-micron and then 10-micron particle filters. Stage 2 can be a taste and sulfur filter using a CARBON or KDF MIXED CHEMICAL filter. The most aggressive purification system combines these filters with a reverse osmosis system RO FILTRATION for removal of Atrazine and other agrichemicals. Lastly, ULTRA-VIOLET germicidal purifier provides bacterial disinfection as needed. Well water filters are typically installed at the well head as a WHOLE HOUSE filter, but a POU system is also effective for drinking and cooking water.

Refer to NATURAL CONTAMINANT REMOVAL page for additional info in matching your needs.

STEP 3: Match the Water type with the filter type and select most cost-effective PURIFIER for your needs.

STEP 4: BUY IT NOW. You will be glad you did.

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