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Removal of Chemical, Toxic and Biological Contaminants

Clean and disinfect the air you breathe and the water you drink using:

  • Natural, Non-chemical Technologies

  • Energy Efficient Products

  • Technically Advanced Equipment

  • Environmentally "Green" Technologies

  • Most Efficient Filtration and Purification Products

water filtration systems

Air and Water are the two most important substances that human bodies consume and use. PURE air and water are what helped human bodies evolve, grow, and learn. Humans drink about 52,000 liters of water in a lifetime, but breathe about 15,000 liters of air per day.

The industrialization of society continually, increasingly, pollutes and alters the very basics of Life: our air and water. Air and Water quality concerns are due to biological, chemical and particulate CONTAMINANTS, which proliferate the world’s air and water systems.

These fine PARTICLES, CHEMICALS, and MICROBIALS lurk, low-level and unknown, in the environments of our homes, work places, stores, and offices, literally all buildings, in the indoor air and in the water.

Microbiological organismsThe EPA calls indoor air pollution “America’s most serious environmental problem”. Microbiological organisms, in the form of yeast, mold, bacteria and viruses are a leading cause of “sick buildings” and “building related illnesses” according to the World Health Organization.

Likewise, according to US Centers for Disease Control, nearly 1 million people get sick from drinking contaminated water, each year, with about 1000 cases tragically ending in death.

Purify for your health!

Environmentaly Green air and water filtration systemsPurification Station, Inc. offers natural, non-chemical, energy efficient, technically advanced, environmentally “green” systems to clean and disinfect the air you breathe and the water you drink. These contaminant removal and destruction systems, often referred to as PURIFIERS, are effective solutions to common Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Water Quality (WQ) problems. Purification Station, Inc.  offers both Residential and Commercial purification solutions.

Air and water filtration and purification systems typically employ a combination of technologies to address multiple contaminants, i.e. Cigarette or tobacco smoke pollution consists of particles, seen as a blue haze, and chemicals, smelled as odors. Water, the universal solvent, typically has dissolved and suspended solids, and may contain chemical and microbiological contaminants. Cost effective purifiers use complementary technology systems, efficiently, to reduce virtually ALL CONTAMINANTS.

We invite you to browse our online filtration products, including Home Air and Water Purification and Commercial Water and Air Filtration Systems.

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