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ParticulatesPARTICULATES: Suspended particles, in an air or water medium, float and flow along in the air or water before eventually falling out due to gravity. Fluid dynamics of the medium’s flow and the particles’ size, weight and mass affect the time required for gravity to pull it out of suspension.

Typical particles include organics such as leaves, pollen, spores, microbials, feathers, insects, dust, dirt, skin, rocks, metals, or, any solid that is fractured and expelled into the medium.

Large Particles with high mass such as bowling balls, rocks, metal pieces, sand and dirt fall out of suspension very quickly due to gravity. Unfortunately, small particles such as pollen, spores, skin cell and mite particles float in the air or water readily and drop out very slowly. Fine Particulate in the micron and sub-micron sizes such as viruses and fly ash can circulate for months and fall out very slowly unless removed by a filter or purifier.

Radiological particles are pieces of elements/metals that give off ionizing radiation (radioactivity).

MicrobialsMICROBIALS: Microbiological organisms are classified as a type of particle with growth potential. Microbials include a myriad of viruses, DNA/RNA, bacteria, spores, mold, yeast, amoebas and other micron sized organisms. Since microbials grow prolifically, they contaminate water and air with their vegetative and spore bodies, their secreted organic chemicals (musty smell), and their DNA/RNA which can affect or attack humans and animals and their organs and immune systems.

Airborne molds, spores, pollen, animal dander and dust mites account for most allergy and asthma cases. Microbial control includes filtration and disinfection to remove contaminant and destroy the DNA that grows.

ChemicalsCHEMICALS: Organic chemicals are natural combinations of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen molecules that number in the millions, and you may smell or taste the chemical as lemon, banana, burning leaves, mold, garbage, etc. Inorganic chemicals include elemental and organic molecules, natural and man-made, in long-chain molecules. These can be characterized as cleaners such as ammonia and chlorine and industrial chemicals such as Atrazine, metal processing reactions, dry cleaning chemicals and myriad mixtures developed for industry. Chemical contamination in the environment is insidious and alters natural growth systems. Heavy chemical contamination is believed to grossly affect the immune system and may cause Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or non-specific allergic reactions. Chemicals must be removed by chemical filters and purifiers.
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