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Air Purification
How to Buy an Air Purifier

Air PurificationAllergies and Asthma, especially in children, are rising… why? Chemical sensitivities, cancer, and all sorts of maladies affect many people. We know people can get sick just by going to work, school or play. Why?

In many case, these people are exposed to environmental AIRBORNE CONTAMINATION such as mold, yeast, odors, chemicals, VOC’s (volatile organic contaminants), toxins, or fine particles. These contaminants have been shown to affect human immune response – they get headaches, runny noses, dry burning throat, body aches, chills, fever, and other building related, illness-like symptoms.

Many severely compromised people have been exposed to mold, mold toxins, or chemicals in their past. When they encounter even low levels of ENVIROTOXINS, they suffer greatly from their immune system’s response to the toxins. Children, with lower immune protection, may be more susceptible to everyday chemicals or minor mold and develop allergies or asthma like symptoms. Unfortunately, these environmental contaminants are affecting ever more, and more people, due to their proliferation in the INDOOR environment and modern building construction.

Most people, thankfully, have immune systems that tolerate a certain level of background mold, particles and organic chemicals. However, long-term, low-level exposure to mold or organic chemicals such as VOCs can damage any human’s immune system and should be avoided. To that end, Purification Station offers effective, high quality, purification EQUIPMENT that may be combined or used standalone.

How to Buy an Air Purifier

STEP 1: Determine if space is FORCED AIR or RADIANT.

If your home, office or space has a ducted fan system for heating and air conditioning, this is a FORCED AIR system. Most homes and many apartments and condominiums have a forced air furnace/AC system that moves heated or cooled air through ductwork to the space. These very common furnaces and air handlers have low efficiency filter systems to remove dust and large dirt particles, and typically, no other purification system is present.

RADIANT heating systems do not move air, but rely on heat generated from hot water or electric wall heaters. Many apartments and condos use this type of heating system and may, or may not, have a small window air conditioner for cooling.

STEP 2: Determine correct FILTER and/or PURIFIER for your needs.

FORCED AIR heating or heating/cooling systems have a built in fan and a low efficiency particle filter. To increase the capture of minute particulate contaminants, the particle filter in the system can be upgraded to a HIGH EFFICIENCY FILTER for enhanced filtration. Organic (food) chemicals, odors, and microbials such as MOLD can be eliminated in the furnace/AC system by installing UVC FOR HVAC, a new generation PURIFIER system. For industrial chemicals such as gasoline, diesel and fumes, CHEMICAL FILTRATION, found in a FAN-POWERED AIR CLEANERS or CUSTOM FILTERS, may be required. See a full selection of HIGH EFFICIENCY FILTERS, PURIFIERS and FAN-POWERED AIR CLEANERS for forced air and radiant spaces, homes, apartments, and commercial and industrial buildings.

STEP 3… BUY IT NOW. You will be glad you did.

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